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Graffiti Planet. The Best Graffiti from Around the World

Graffiti Planet. The Best Graffiti from Around the World
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Ket (Editor)
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    Street art has been a significant art form for more than 20 years, altering and shaping the urban landscape from Tokyo to Paris, Los Angeles to Sydney, Belfast to Berlin. Ever-changing and evolving, its anonymous, transient nature means it literally can appear one day and disappear the next. Yet out of this shifting mass of spray paint, some true stars have emerged - artists such as Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Banksy - as well as countless unsung heroes who have taken the form to new heights. This book is a celebration of the endless creativity of the medium, featuring 100 glossy photos of groundbreaking graffiti from around the world, and including an introduction by the editor, Ket. It is a perfect introduction to the subject for anyone excited by this most vibrant and democratic of art forms.

    Book, 200 pages