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Pussycat fever

Pussycat fever
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Kathy Acker
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AK Press
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    Kathy Acker holds a unique place among American novelists, as a writer who constantly pushes at the frontiers of modern fiction, with each new work advancing further into unchartered territory. Pussycat Fever is a hallucinatory amalgam of emotion and desire. Join Pussycat and the anonymous narrator on a journey filled with sex and dangerous liaisons. Coming of age was never like this! Kathy's words are complemented by the artwork of Diane DiMassa, best known for her long running comic book series Hothead Paisan, and the intriguing collages of famed artist Freddie Baer.
    "If one day, a bad girl named Dante met a mean dyke called Hieronymous Bosch, this is the book they'd make."—Jenny Livingstone, director Paris Burning.
    "Scarified sensibility, subversive intellect, and predatory wit make her a writer like no other" —The New York Times Book Review

    Book, 75 pages (AK Press)