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Stage Bottles - Corruption & murder

Stage Bottles - Corruption & murder
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Stage Bottles
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    Musical main influences are the classic Punkrock and Oi! bands of the early eighties like "Angelic Upstarts", "Cockney Rejects", "Cock Sparrer" as well as bands like "Blaggers I.T.A." or "Leatherface". By integrating the saxophone the band has created a very own melodic style of music, which can't be seen as pure punkrock music anymore.

    The band members all have different political backgrounds starting from some members being left wing to others, being non-political, but they have one thing in common : the hate for fascism which they express in some of their songs. But politics is not at all, so they sing as well about problems of life like trouble with coppers and state, drinking and having party time and so on.

    1. Drinking on and on
    2. All you need is hate (Real)
    3. Have your fun
    4. You'll never walk alone
    5. Furious and in passion
    6. Far away from real life
    7. Dead but not forgiven
    8. Power of the city
    9. Out of work
    10. Politicians don't change nothing
    11. The jester in our mind
    12. Bonustracks: They're watching me
    13. We've got to fight