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A One-Man Manifesto
Herbert Read (1893 - 1968) was a poet, literary critic, educationalist, philosopher, art critic, historian of and propagandist for modern art and design. He was also an anarchist. From his declaration of anarchism in 1937 until his acceptance of a knighthood in 1953, Read contributed to Freedom and its precursors articles, book reveiews and poems, This volume reprints all of ...

Autor*innen: Herbert Read

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Anarchy in Action
This book is not intended for people who have spent a lifetime pondering the problems of anarchism, but for those who either had no idea of what the word implied or knew exactly what it implied and rejected it, considering that it had no relevance for the modern world. It is about the many ways in which people organise themselves in any kind of human society. Through a ...

Autor*innen: Colin Ward

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History of the Makhnovist movement 1918-1921
It was in prison in 1911 that Peter Arshinov established a close personal and political friendship with Makhno, which continued after their release following the February Revolution in 1917. In 1919 Arshinov became Makhno's secretary, and remained with the Makhnovists until 1921. In 1922 he settled in Berlin and published the Russian edition of his story. Arshinov's history of the ...

Autor*innen: Peter Arshinov

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Neither Nationalisation nor Privatisation - An Anarchist Approach
For those tempted today by calls to re-nationalise industry to reverse the effects of the 1980s privatisation disasters, this important volume demonstrates the anarchist stand against the Labour Party's post-war industrial politics, one of its salutory lessons being that Labour politicians in office are no better than the others. They seek merely to reform the capitalist system around ...

Autor*innen: Freedom; Vernon Richards (Editor)

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Wildcat. Anarchists against bombs
 Donald Rooum's Wildcat cartoons have been published in Freedom Anarchist Fortnightly for longer than some Peace News readers have been tramping their ecological footprints over the planet. There are series of books available with titles such as the ABC of Bosses, Health Service Wildcat and Wildcat Strikes Again.Rooum's work has many strengths - the clarity of the line drawings, ...

Autor*innen: Donald Rooum

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Zeige 1 bis 5 (von insgesamt 5 Artikeln)
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