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Down and away - To serve and protect

Down and away - To serve and protect
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Down and away
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    The swedish punkband Down and away started in 1998 after the breakups from other bands. Down and away was formed by David, Marcus and Cupless, who had known eachother since playground. In 2002 Cupless dropped out from the band and the stand in-baseplayer was The face (Saibon, The Pricks) who later became a full member of the band. After a couple of demos Down and away released their first album "Whos's got the deliverance!?" on Rockstar records in 2001. The band did a couple of europetours and released thir second album "Set to blow" in 2004 on Rockstar Records. Between the fullength releases a MCD and a couple of singles got released. Since 2001 the band have done around 100-150 shows around Europe and have started to make themselves a name i the punkscene. A new album was recorded in december 2005 and will be out in spring 2006, and as usual they deliver a sing along fiendly album with alot of energy. Down and aways music can be described as hardhitting streetpunk with alot of catchy melodies. Infuences are both old and new bands such as Rancid, Ramones, Johnny cash, Social distortion, Stiff little fingers.