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Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto

Five Years in the Warsaw Ghetto
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Bernard Goldstein
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AK Press
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    ...here is a true story of mind-boggling feats of courage and hairbreadth escapes, of battling overwhelming evil against insurmountable odds. Here is a chance to rediscover the meaning of probably the most debased and emptied-out words in the English language: heroism.
    The story of the Warsaw ghetto is one of the most heartbreaking and tragic in all of recorded history.

    Bernard Goldstein, who was already a semi-legendary figure as a socialist and leader of the Jews in Poland, was a central figure in this story. He was crucial in organizing the underground resistance when the Nazis occupied Warsaw, and one of the ten thousand survivors of the citys half million Jews. This is his story, written shortly after World War Two, of the five years in which a community was destroyed, and his tribute to the good, the bad, the cowardly and the heroic who died there. It is told in a plain-spoken, self-effacing and unsparing way that makes it that much more powerful.

    Book, 256 pages (AK Press)