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Soy, not oi! Volume 2

Soy, not oi! Volume 2
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Hippycore Crew
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    Cast off the chains of corporate food dependency! Twenty-five years after the publication of the original Soy Not Oi, the Hippycore Krew returns with a second volume featuring a worldwide cast of contributors! The new Soy Not Oi is filled with over 200 original vegan recipes, and suggested musical accompaniments.

    Plus: essays and articles about the origins of Soy Not Oi and living la vida loca - vegan style; a whole chapter on craft beer brewing; inside ribbings, zaniness, vegetables gone mad, and all the rest you would expect.

    "Cook together with the people you love. Listen to music, and dance. Bring diverse people together to create things that are bigger than you. And leave behind something for people that might inspire them to do the same." (From the Introduction)

    Book, 312 pages